Point England Reserve is situated in East Auckland, New Zealand

This land was given to the people of New Zealand to be used for open space and recreation, in perpetuity.

In 2017 the National-led Government passed the Point England Development Enabling Act which overrules the Reserves Act that protected the Reserve. In passing this law, the Government ignored Auckland Council consultation that had confirmed Aucklanders wanted to keep Point England Reserve safe from development.

This set a political precedent for government to over-ride local decision making and sell other Reserve land without consultation.

This legislation is an example of the threat to your right to have a say about what happens in your neighbourhood and to your parks.

Next election time Рbefore you vote ask yourself: Do you want a government who ignores you, ignores the laws that are supposed to protect your rights to have a say and sells off your local parks?

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As cities grow in population and intensify, city parks, sports fields and open spaces become even more important for community and environmental well-being.

The previous National-led Government did not share this view. They thought local parks and sports fields were ‘up for grabs’ to sell and develop.

Should New Zealanders bulldoze our city parks and sports fields, losing them forever to make way for housing developments?

We don’t think so.

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