Save Our Reserves (SOR) formed as a response to a proposed housing development on Point England Reserve, Auckland.

We thought this reserve would be a reserve forever. It’s a wonderful open space with rural character, playing fields and endangered birds. However the last National Government decided pass legislation so they could sell part of it and turn it into houses.

We realise that this sets a dangerous precedent and have formed a group to help other communities who might face similar losses.

Save Our Reserves is not for or against any one political party. It is an apolitical movement with the single purpose of preventing the sell-off of public open spaces for housing and preserving them for future generations.  It is committed to addressing the issue, not the political parties or personalities and the founders of Save Our Reserves come from all political walks of life.

We congratulate and thank those who support the movement’s single purpose and implore those who have the decision making power – please keep our valuable open green space for the generations to come.


Julie Chambers

Julie previously held the position of  Hobson Community Board Member (Auckland Legacy Council), Parks Spokesperson. She has a Masters of Public Policy (Vic) and works in child health.

Chris Barfoot Q.S.M

Chris Barfoot is a local resident of 46 years, who helped to set up Tahuna Torea and Wai-O-Taiki Nature Reserves. Chris is a former Chairperson Tāmaki Estuary Protection Society, a member of the Tāmaki Estuary Environmental Forum, and a former director of Barfoot and Thompson.

Tsz Ho

Tsz Ho is a concerned Point England / Tāmaki resident who has lived in the area for over 20 years.

Helen Momota

Helen is an Artist and proud “Nature Lover”.

Beth Evans

Beth is a Point England resident of over 20 years. She has experience in Resource Management and Television Broadcasting.

Shaun Lee

Shaun is a designer and environmental advocate. In his spare time he weeds, sets traps and looks after birds at Point England, Pourewa Valley and Tawharanui.