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About the petition

Q: Is this the same petition I’ve already signed about Point England Reserve?

A: No. There have been 2 petitions specific to Point England Reserve:

  1. Please stop the Point England Development Bill until an independent environmental impact assessment has been completed and presented to the Local Government and Environment Committee with a better development, presented to Parliament with 1,848 signatures
  2. To reject the Point England Development Enabling Bill to preserve Point England Reserve in its entirety for recreational use for future , presented to Parliament with 3,393 signatures

Learn more about the Point England Development Enabling Bill here

This new petition looks at the bigger picture for Auckland and New Zealand:

Selling New Zealand public green space is short-sighted, undemocratic and privatisation of the ‘commons’. Public reserves should not be used as commercial property. We ask that the government not use parks, sports fields and public reserves for housing.

What became clear with introduction of the Point England Development Enabling Bill was that the National Government saw local parks and sports fields as fair game for housing developments.

So this petition is a push back to say NO to housing on parks, sports fields and public reserves across New Zealand so communities don’t have to fight individual battles. We don’t want central government forcing local councils to rezone public open space for housing. Because once it’s sold, it’s gone forever. Environmental advocacy groups, Local Boards and Auckland Council sees a dangerous precedent being set for local parks and sports fields to be sold for housing development.

And if, as is the case at Point England, a proposed housing development is connected to a treaty settlement, local government are bound by confidentiality so they can’t even discuss such proposals with their communities. By the time you find out, it may be too late to have your say.

We support iwi in getting fair treaty settlement but do not agree to public reserves being used as commercial property. Save Our Reserves has started this petition to stop this Government selling reserves here and elsewhere in New Zealand.